MGL Avionics quality EFIS glass cockpit systems for Experimental light sport aircraft
MGL Avionics EFIS
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MGL Avionics - Stratomaster Flight instruments
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Advanced electronic flight instrument systems for Experimental and sport aircraft  

Here comes the Discovery-Lite... Shipping Now!


And... iEFIS Explorer 8.5” and Challenger 10.4” G3
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iEFIS Challenger 10.4

Relentless NXT

Read more about Kevin Eldredge’s Relentless NXT in our Pilot Stories Section!

Welcome to the home of MGL Avionics in North America!


V6 Radio is Here!

MGL Avionics V6 Radio

V6R Remote!

V6R Remote Com

Jeppesen Available!


XTreme mini EFIS goes from strength to strength
Kirby Chambliss selects the XTreme for his Edge V3

Kirby Chambliss and the XTreme

Click here for more on the XTreme  |  Click here for More on Kirby


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