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Navidata - the free version

The free Navidata (airports, waypoints, navaids, airspace, obstacles) file provided by MGL Avionics in collaboration with the MGL Avionics community is based on the (for now) inexpensive FAA NFD (National Flight Database) and the FAA DOF (Digital Obstacle File). This data is added to data from that includes many smaller airports not included in the NFD as well as some Canadian airports (but no Canadian airspace!), and exported from MGL Avionics Central (available to everyone here) approximately once a month and uploaded for free download right here: (about 8 Mb)
United States

United States

The US FAA data is very good, but of there can be errors (see our disclaimer below). For the absolute best, certified NavData, available every 28 days, and for worldwide NavData, we recommend a Jeppesen subscription. Click here for more. For Canada, use Jeppesen or PocketFMS (PocketFMS includes more small airfields in Canada).

Enigma and XTreme EFIS: This file should be copied to SD card only - no installation is required.
Odyssey/Voyager/iEFIS: This file should be installed under Installation Tasks


Notes on the Free Navidata provided above

Navidata file download for coverage region USA as determined by NACO/FAA
This is a new Navidata file download available from MGL Avionics. Please consider this "experimental".

The Navidata file is based on NACO publication "National Flight Database (NFD)".

NACO/FAA requires that their disclaimer is published. You can read it here.

This data has been extracted from the NFD and augmented with data from third party sources by MGL Avionics.

Please read the following disclaimer related to the MGL Avionics involvement of this data compilation:

"All data contained in this Navidata file download has been compiled based on data provided by third parties. MGL Avionics does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this data in any way. It is the pilot’s responsibility to verify the data to be used before flight for correctness. Any data may be incorrect, outdated or contain errors introduced by the compilation process. By downloading and using this data, you will not hold MGL Avionics, the FAA, NACO or any other data source responsible for any incidence arising out of the use of this data.
The data in this Navidata download can be checked/verified by means of the G2 simulator using a simulated flight.
If you do not agree with this, do not use this data."

The following items are included:

Waypoints/Reporting points (FAA/NACO)
Navaids (NDB, VOR etc) (FAA/NACO)
Airports (FAA/NACO)
Airport runways (FAA/NACO)
Airport communications (; Note: NFD does not currently contain airport communications records.
Airspaces (FAA/NACO/MGL); Note: MGL added FIR airspace, these are not contained in the FAA publication.
Obstacles (FAA/NACO); Note: Obstacles are currently implemented on G2 systems only (version or higher)

Requirements: To use this file, please ensure that both simulator and EFIS firmware are at the following minimum version numbers.
Do not use this Navidata file with earlier versions as this can lead to serious system malfunction, upgrade is mandatory.

G1: Version
G2: Version

Odyssey/Voyager Gen 1 System Installation Instructions:

Copy file to SD card and using "Installation tasks", install the file onto your EFIS.
Alternatively, copy file to SD card and use from SD card. This option can be used if you want to use a second, installed Navidata file. The G1 system will use the Navidata file installed on the SD card if such a file exists, even if a file has been installed.

Odyssey/Voyager Gen 2 System Installation Instructions:

If this is the only Navidata file you will be using:
Use "installation tasks" to install the Navidata file onto your EFIS.
If you would like to use more than one Navidata file:
The last letter of the "Navidata" word is a "region code" from "a" to "z". Change this letter as required for your system, for example "Navidatb.ewd". Install the file onto your system using "installation tasks". Then select the desired Navidata file to be active using the region selection in your Nav selection softkey.