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First, the legal stuff: You must make your own determination if the products sold by MGL Avionics are safe and effective for your intended applications. MGL Avionics makes no representations or warranties as to either the suitability of any of the products we sell as to your particular application or the compatibility of any of the products we sell with other products you may buy from us or anywhere else, and we disclaim any warranties or representations that may otherwise arise by law. Also, we offer no specific advice on how to install any of the products we sell other than passing along anything that may have been provided to us by the manufacturer or other users. If you are in need of further information or guidance, please turn to the manufacturer, FAA Advisory Circulars and guidance materials, the Experimental Aircraft Association, or other reputable sources. Our lawyers say we cannot give specific advice on installing any products, however, we can provide general knowledge advice and we can pass along information that has been shared with us by other users of these products. We take customer care seriously and endeavor to help all of our customers in the best possible manner!

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