Sandia Remote Mount Transponder - Mode C

Sandia STX 165R Remote Mode-C Transponder and Harness

Sandia STX 165R Remote TransponderWith the STX 175R from Sandia Aerospace you can take your transponder out of the panel, and mount it closer to the antenna. You can control the transponder (change modes, squawk and Ident) directly from your iEFIS, Odyssey/Voyager or XTreme EFIS. Only 4 wires to connect - Power/Ground/RS-232 RX/RS-232 TX. Coax required with SMA connector for Sandia (BNC on the antenna side).

        Qty: STX 165R - $1,550.

        Qty: Harness available (schematic) - $65.

        Qty: Terminated Coax Cable for Sandia (1 SMA and 1 BNC)

        Qty: DPA Transponder Antenna, streamlined, non-TSO, $69.


Trig Remote Mount Transponder - Mode S

Trig TT22 Remote Mode-S Transponder and Harness

Trig TT22 Remote Mode-S TransponderThe TT22 Class 1 Remote Mode-S transponder with Extended Squitter is ADS-B OUT-ready for 2020 (requires additional certified GPS). It is a remote unit that is controlled via the iEFIS (all models of the iEFIS/Lite). It connects via the CAN bus so it does not use up any RS-232 ports. The MGL/Trig Interface is required and the coax has a TNC connector on one end (BNC on the antenna side).

        Qty: TT22 Remote Transponder - $2,200.

        Qty: Trig Interface (manual) - $190.

        Qty: Terminated Coax Cable for Trig (1 TNC and 1 BNC)

        Qty: DPA Transponder Antenna, streamlined, non-TSO, $69.


Transponder Harnesses for Odyssey/Voyager/Enigma

Transponder Harnesses

Transponder HarnessesComplete transponder wire harnesses for MGL Avionics EFIS gray code encoder outputs. Works with Enigma, Voyager, Odyssey.
Includes all connecters for EFIS and for transponder, with all wires labelled.
High quality. Available for most popular transponders.
(Schematics: 320, 327, 330, KT-76A, T2000)